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Royal Norwegian Embassy, Islamabad.  Engaged to strengthen the Development Team of the Embassy and Norway’s implementing partners in Pakistan in the concepts and applications of results-based monitoring and evaluation and risk assessment for all stages of the project cycle. August-December 2010 (intermittent).


Aga Khan Foundation, Islamabad.  Contracted to develop an integrated M&E system for education and other programmes with stakeholder participation, train AKF and partner organization staff in results-based management, develop M&E tools and guidelines, and provide inputs for MIS development and knowledge management. July 2010-June 2011 (intermittent).


Asian Development Bank, Regional Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Asian Ombudsman Association.  Assessment of “The Role of Ombudsman in Improving Public Service Delivery in Pakistan” (to be published) analyzing the mandates, relevance and effectiveness of the Federal and Provincial Ombudsman Offices. February-June 2010.


Evaluation of the UNDP-assisted Area Development Programme Balochistan.  Evaluated this large multi-sectoral programme, covering community mobilization, primary healthcare, water conservation, NRM and livestock, with a view towards replication in future initiatives. January-February 2010.


Academy for Educational Development (AED), USAID FATA Livelihood Development Programme (North).  Fielded teams to undertake the outcome assessment of the programme (2009), and impact assessment studies and mid-term evaluations (2010), including adult literacy, training and scholarship programmes. May 2009-June 2010.


UNDP Pakistan, Gender Support Programme Change Management Phase 2. Contributed through discussion and written outputs to the realignment and mainstreaming of gender in the Country Office. October-November 2009.


Office of Evaluation (OE), IFAD, Rome.  Assisted OE in preparing a comprehensive self-evaluation for peer review of IFAD’s evaluation function by a panel of peers from the UN and the Multilateral Development Banks. March, September and October 2009.


UNDP Bahrain. Assisted UNDP and the Government in developing a framework for promoting social enterprises, held accountable to a triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental). August-September 2009. 


Mid-term Review (MTR) of UNDP-assisted Community Development Project for Rehabilitation of Salt-affected and Waterlogged Lands, Punjab.  Focused on the relevance and efficiency aspects of this promising but troubled project, helping UNDP and the Government of Punjab improve the design and management. June-September 2009.


Royal Norwegian Embassy, Islamabad.  Led a team to appraise and improve funding requests submitted by 12 of Norway’s civil society partners in Pakistan in the areas of governance, culture and human rights (including gender and child rights).  Assisted the Embassy in preparing a rights-based strategy for its civil society programme in Pakistan. February-June 2009.


Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (UNDP contract). Assisted the Secretary of the Ministry in conceptualizing and steering an international workshop on local government reform. Also responsible for workshop report, including recommendations accepted by the Prime Minister for reforming local government.  August-September 2008.  The report is available on www.gjtmap.org/workshop19aug2008/index.php.


Academy for Educational Development (AED), USAID FATA Livelihood Development Programme (North), Peshawar. Expert assistance to the M&E team and management on monitoring, outcome assessment and self-evaluation. Intermittent, September 2008-July 2010


Development Alternatives, Inc., USAID FATA Capacity Building Programme, Peshawar.  Assisted the M&E team and the management in a variety of activities aimed at data capture, analysis and presentation of USAID-assisted projects, as well as capacity development for strengthening planning and monitoring by the government. Intermittent, June 2008-May 2010.


Royal Norwegian Embassy, Islamabad. Led seven-person team (including two gender consultants) in a comprehensive review covering 17 leading civil society partners in governance, culture, human rights and the environment. Assessed results and strategic and operational dimensions; provided strategic advice, including feasible systemic improvements for strengthening management and the focus on poverty and gender. 2008-2009.


UNDP Pakistan.  Review and design of M&E system for the Area Development Programme Balochistan, spanning social mobilization, irrigation and NRM.  February-June 2008.


Management Systems International.  USAID Programme Design. Analysis of trends in the labor market, initiatives for skills development and design of the workforce development initiative of the economic growth portfolio of USAID Pakistan.  February-March 2008.


Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), Pakistan.  Engaged by the UK Department of International Development (DFID) to lead ERRA in preparing an international-quality M&E report with extensive evaluative content.  The report covered 13 diverse sectors and cross-cutting themes, as well as organizational processes such as procurement, financial management and materials management. January-February 2008.


Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT). Evaluated the pilot phase of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan established by PILDAT for the 18-29 year age group with the assistance of the British High Commission and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.  Reviewed the parliament’s performance and the support it received from PILDAT, the legislators and the media; made recommendations for the next phase of the project. December 2007-January 2008.


Programme Framework Development of the Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Pakistan. Reviewed diverse proposals from District Government and others, consulted stakeholders and proposed rationale, components and implementation arrangements for multi-sectoral initiative to be dovetailed with other provincial and donor-assisted programmes. August-September 2007.


Study of Local Level Institutions (LLIs) supported by the Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) in three provinces, RSP Network, Pakistan.  Assisted RSPN in designing the study, focusing ultimately on seven types of LLIs (from village to Union Council level) in 15 locations of NWFP, Punjab and Sindh.  Responsible for all formulating hypotheses, organizing desk review and field work, and final products of the study. August-December 2007 (intermittent). 


UNDP Pakistan, Benchmarking Study of the Gender Justice through Musalihat Anjuman Project.  Proposed rationale and methodology for benchmarking the performance of new, local-level Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism from two districts in order to improve operations in 20 districts throughout the country.  2007-2008. 


United Nations Thematic Working Group on Agriculture, Rural Development and Poverty for the One UN approach in Pakistan (contracted by UNDP, FAO and ILO.  Assisted the Co-chairs (ILO and FAO) and the 18-agency group with situational analysis, analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and issues for adoption in joint programmes.  May-October 2007.


Pakistan Country Programme Evaluation (CPE).  Designed and led the analysis of a 500-household impact assessment survey in NWFP and Punjab.  Contributed stand-alone evaluation paper on IFAD’s rural finance operations, 1990-2005, and provided resource person/reviewer, particularly on methodology and the key challenges of rural and agricultural development. May-September 2007.


Joint Evaluation of Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa, IFAD and the African Development Bank.  Working with the Evaluation Units of the two organizations, assisted the Team Leader in preparing the Inception Report for the evaluation. April-June 2007.


IUCN—World Conservation Union, for Preparation of Background Studies on Environment for DFID.  Prepared Summary Strategic Environmental Assessment for Pakistan based on secondary data, covering all aspects of environmental management, the legislative, judicial and regulatory framework, and national policies and plans. April-May 2007.   


UNDP Pakistan, Essential Institutional Reforms Institutionalization Programme, NWFP:

  • Assisted project management and UNDP’s Governance Unit in developing nine operational concepts for implementation during 2007.  March 2007. 

  • Conducted an independent mid-term evaluation of the EIROP, NWFP.  Suggested course corrections for improving project performance during the remainder of this governance/devolution project.  November-December 2006. 

Independent South Asian Commission on Poverty Alleviation (ISACPA).  At the invitation of the Commissioners from Pakistan, and for inclusion in ISACPA’s best practices database, prepared case studies summing up Pakistan’s innovative experiences in the development of katchi abadis (squatter settlements) and challenges to sustainability in microfinance. February 2007.


Energy Conservation Fund, Islamabad. Prepared the service rules and financial rules for this non-profit private company established with UNDP and Government of Pakistan assistance. January-February 2007. 


Pakistan Country Programme Evaluation (CPE).  Prepared the approach paper for the CPE of 15 years of IFAD operations in Pakistan, based on IFAD’s new methodology for CPEs. December 2006-January 2007.