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USAID, Evaluation Study of the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP).  Carried out this study to assess: (i) the effectiveness of SRSC’s community participation approach; and, (ii) the effectiveness of steps taken to institutionalize SRSC.  October-November 1992.


USAID/Shelter Resource Mobilization Programme (SRMP), Marketing Study of Housing Finance Loan Products. Carried out market research (including a 300-household survey) to test housing loan products that could be introduced through the emerging housing finance companies (Citibank and others) in Pakistan.  September-December 1992.


UNICEF, Islamabad, Recurrent Cost Study, Health Management Information System-First Level Care Facilities.  Prepared a model for providing existing and incremental cost budgets of FLCF at district and divisional levels reflecting their interrelationships and, consolidated into the total Provincial Budget.  September-November 1992.


Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan Case Studies on Women, Islam and Netherlands Development Cooperation. Developed Pakistan country case studies as part of the Memorandum on the Netherlands Development Cooperation policy regarding women in Islamic countries.  August-September 1992.


Pak-Holland Malakand Social Forestry Project, NWFP (sub-contracted with DHV Consultants, Amersfoort, The Netherlands).  Provision of long-term WID Specialist and short-term Technical Assistance for the women’s programme.  August 1992-August 1996.


International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London. Provided Resource Economist for study on incentives for the sustainable development of tropical high forests in Ghana, supporting capacity building and dialogue between Government policy makers, the timber industry and local communities.  February and July-August 1992.


USAID/Pakistan buy-in, Agricultural Policy Analysis Project II (subcontracted by Abt Associates). Study (including survey in four districts of Sindh and five of Punjab) on the effect of exogenous changes on land and labor markets and the implications for policy formulation.  June-August 1992.


Swiss Development Cooperation, Islamabad, Pak-Swiss Swabi Irrigated Agriculture Project (SIAP), Water Management Consultancy.  Studied farmer water management practices in Mardan division and generated recommendations that can be pursued as an action research programme by SIAP.  June-August 1992.


Overseas Development Administration (ODA), Preparation of PC-I for the Faisalabad Area Upgrading Project.  Prepared PC-I for the Faisalabad Area Upgrading Project.  The project was based on the concept of community participation.  June-July 1992.


Review of International Labour Organization (ILO)/Norwegian Development Cooperation (NORAD) Project, Sindh.  Study of the need for cooperation within the productive sector and the involvement of women in the productive sector.  June-August 1992.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion. Preparatory consultancy on inventory of literature and methodology.  May-June 1992.


Farm Implements Industry Service Centre, DGIS, Multan Division. Conducted Agro-Technical Survey to generate information and technical data regarding the performance and financial viability of farm machines and implements similar to ones being manufactured in Mian Channu.  May-August 1992.


Asian Development Bank (ADB), Regional Study on Global Environmental Issues Project.  Assessed the impact of climate change in Pakistan, estimation of economic losses or gains, if any, from each impact and examined mitigation and adaptation strategies for possible future climate change.  May 1992-February 1993.


USAID/Pakistan buy-in, Agricultural Policy Analysis Project II (subcontracted by Abt Associates).  Study on financial and other policy constraints to agribusiness development in Pakistan.  April-August 1992.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Regional Office for South East Asia, Bangkok.  Developed a five-year institutional programme strategy and priorities for the conversion of the Bangkok-based Regional Community Forestry Training Centre (RECOFTC) for Asia-Pacific to an international organization.  January, February, April and May 1992.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Islamabad. Provided a nine-person EDC team for carrying out a study on Devising Ways and Means for Promoting Agricultural Development in the Project Area of Left Bank Outfall Drain Project, Capability.  February-June 1992.


Pak-Holland PATA Integrated Agricultural Development Project. EDC provided 126 person-months for long-term staff including a Farming Systems Research Specialist, and WID Specialist, and 8 months of short-term input for technical backstopping.  February 1992-February 1996.


USAID, Primary Education Development Programme. EDC provided expertise to work on the World Bank Social Action Programme (SAP) to prepare three-year integrated expenditure programmes for NWFP.  January-February 1992. 


Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR).  Research project on technical and socio-economic perspectives on the maintenance of improved and unimproved watercourses in Swabi and Mardan Districts, NWFP.  1991-1992.


USAID/Pakistan Agricultural Research Council/Abt Associates, Agricultural Policy Analysis and Teaching Workshop.  Provided three specialists in agriculture policy analysis and one for training in spreadsheet analysis.  Organized and co-ordinated workshop activities.  December 1991-January 1992.


International Labour Organization (ILO)/Norwegian Development Cooperation (NORAD), Islamabad.  Reviewed the Employment of Rural Women through Organization Project, implemented by the Sindh Rural Worker's Cooperative Organization.  December 1991-January 1992.


International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI), Pakistan. Conducted a baseline socio-economic survey of 400 farmers in D.I. Khan to obtain an understanding of their present socio-economic conditions.  November 1991.


United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD).  An assessment of the impact of collective decision making on demographic behaviour, environmental degradation and economic activities in villages in Northern Pakistan.  October 1991-January 1992.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Regional Office for South-East Asia, Bangkok. Assessment of Phase I and design of Phase II (1991-1992) of the ABD-Switzerland-assisted Regional Community Forestry Training Centre for Asia-Pacific, Bangkok.  September-October 1991.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Regional Office, Bangkok. Pre-feasibility of a project to support teaching, research and extension of social forestry at the College of Forestry, Xuan Mai, Viet Nam.  October 1991.


International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI), Pakistan. Rapid appraisal of Lower Swat Canal command area in Mardan Division to understand perceptions regarding crop based irrigation operations.  October 1991.


Specific Identification Mission for NWFP.  Identified and elaborated project concepts for small farmer development in Mansehra District of NWFP, particularly for implementation through the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP).  October-November 1991.


United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Population and Environment Study.  An assessment of the impact of collective decision making on demographic behaviour, environmental degradation and economic activities in villages in northern Pakistan. September-December 1991


Overseas Development Administration (ODA), Islamabad.  Reviewed WID programmes and policies of the Government of Pakistan and ODA-funded projects.  July-December 1991.


International Wheat and Maize Improvement Centre, (CIMMYT) Mexico and EDC Research Project funded by Rockefeller Foundation on the Impact of Technological Change in Wheat in Pakistan.  To analyze the impact of 30 years of technological change on production, consumption and government policy, and on the land, labour and water markets.  Clarified differential impact over time, and between irrigated and rainfed areas.  May-June 1991.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Islamabad.  Project workshop and orientation programme for the expatriate, local and counterpart staff.  February-March 1991.


International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  Responsible for sections on NGOs, donor strategy and the informal sector for Pakistan National Report for UNCED ’92 (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development).  January-April 1991.


USAID/Pakistan buy-in, Agricultural Policy Analysis IQC (subcontracted by Abt Associates). In collaboration with the Harvard Institute for International Development, completed policy studies on edible oils and livestock feed, and background studies on rural land and labor markets, and the sources of agricultural productivity.  1990-1992.


USAID, Representative for Afghanistan, Agricultural Sector Support Project for Afghanistan (subcontracted by DAI).  Provided short-term input for private sector trade and agribusiness development.  1990-1991.


University of Colorado, Boulder, for US Environmental Protection Agency.  Background research on Social Aspects of Agricultural Water Management in the Northern Areas of Pakistan; part of the study on Complex River Management in a Changing Global Climate; Indus Basin Case Study.  1990.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Islamabad, Monitoring and back stopping of SDC irrigation portfolio in Pakistan. Long-term contract, included SDC-supported On-Farm Water Management Component in Left Bank Outfall Drain Project, Swabi SCARP, NWFP; Pak-Swiss Swabi Irrigated Agriculture Project, NWFP; and planning with Asian Development for SDC-financed technical assistance for On-Farm Water Management Project, Phase III.  Thirty-seven assignment orders executed: participation in various missions, literature review, and assessments of on-farm technology, farmer participation, institutional arrangements and training and technical assistance needs.  1990-1994.


International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI), Pakistan. Provided economics perspectives on research on crop-water interactions, measures of irrigation performance, conjunctive use, and equity and variability in distributary flows.  Suggested strategy for an economic component at IIMI.  1990.


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), The Role of Women in the Energy Sector of Pakistan.  Assessed the role of women in the energy sector in Pakistan, and provided guidelines for future CIDA policy formulation in this sector.  December 1990-March 1991.


Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad, Fruit and Vegetable Production and Preservation Project for Women, NWFP (sub-contracted with DHV Consultants of Amersfoort, The Netherlands).  Provided services for nutrition, needs assessment, marketing, and monitoring and evaluation.  November 1990-July 1992.


General Identification Mission for Pakistan.  Identified possibilities of IFAD funding for the Sarhad Rural Support Programme, NWFP, and maize intensification for small farmers in NWFP.  November-December 1990.


Asian Development Bank (ADB), NWFP Barani Area Development Project. Prepared overall strategy for barani area development, and designed project for four districts, in association with Development Alternatives, Inc.  EDC expertise provided for village organization, project implementation, economics, statistics, horticulture, engineering, credit, and social surveys.  November 1990-June 1991.


International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI), Pakistan, Joint IIMI-EDC rapid appraisal of farmer-managed irrigation systems in Chitral.  EDC conducted a Rapid Appraisal of Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems in Chitral District.  September 1990.


Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), Geneva.  Provided economist/institutional specialist for evaluation of Phase I and planning for Phase II of Northern Pakistan Primary Health Care Project, Gilgit and Chitral Districts.  September 1990.


Pak-Holland PATA Groundwater Irrigation Project, NWFP, Women's Impact Assessment and Project Design Study.  Studied the impact of Phase I and assisted with the design and PC-1 preparation for Phase II.  June-July 1990.


USAID Pakistan, Informal Sector Study.  A study of the causes and evolution of the informal economy in seven sectors (industry, finance, housing, transportation, trade, health and education) in eight cities, examining hypotheses from de Soto’s The Other Path.  Specific responsibility for recommendations leading to policy reform benchmarks for USAID and Government of Pakistan.  May-August 1990.


National Conservation Strategy Secretariat, Islamabad, and Shirkatgah, Lahore. Proposed implementation choices for community based management systems and NGO involvement in the NCS; facilitated workshop on Grassroots Initiatives and the NCS.  May-June 1990.


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Coordinated and provided support for ongoing In-country Briefing Programme for CIDA project staff and families in Pakistan.  March 1990-March 1991.


Pak-Swiss Agricultural Light Engineering Project, Mardan.  Assisted with the baseline survey, farming systems review, and diagnostic analysis for planning the next phase of ALEP.  3.1 person-months, February-September 1990.


Asian Development Bank (ADB), Post-Evaluation Office, Evaluative Survey of Watercourses in Command Area of the Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project, Stage I. EDC took overall and conceptual responsibility for the survey and for drawing out inferences about the impact of the watercourse construction and renovation programme.  February-May 1990.


The World Bank, Washington, D.C., EMENA Country Department I. Provided  economist/institutional specialist for supervisory missions for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project in Pakistan.  1989.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Islamabad, Comparative and prescriptive study on participatory approaches in rural and urban development projects.  1989.


Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), Gilgit, Strategy Formulation for Institutional Production and Sustainability Issues.  1989.


Brown Copeland Associates, New Zealand, for Asian Development Bank. Scoping exercise for women’s issues in the Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project, Stage III.  December 1989.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Islamabad. Provided strategy planner/ economist for preparation of the Pak-Swiss Swabi Support Project, NWFP.  November 1989-January 1990.


Pak-Holland Malakand Social Forestry Project and NWFP Forest Department, Social Forestry Workshop.  Assisted with preparation of programme and proceedings.  November-December 1989.


International Institute for Environment and Development, London.  Assessment of environmental impact and mechanisms of IFAD-assisted Chitral Area Development Project in NWFP.  October 1989. 


GTZ, German Technical Assistance Agency.  Pre-feasibility study for Siran Valley Forestry Project, NWFP; secondary data collection and short reports for the Social Systems Study Team.  October-November 1989.


The World Bank, Washington, D.C., EMENA Country Department I (sub-contracted with Wardrop-Acres Consultants). Prepared Strategic Investment Plan for the Northern Areas for the Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Project.  August-September 1989.


Pak-Holland Malakand Social Forestry Project, NWFP (sub-contracted with DHV Consultants, Amersfoort, The Netherlands).  Provided 28 person-months of long-term staff and 6 person-months of short-term Technical Assistance for the women's programme.  July 1989-December 1991


USAID/Government of NWFP, Planning and Development Department.  Provided complete design, work programme and budget leading to the establishment of a new NGO, the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) in NWFP.  March-June 1989.


Hawthorn Institute of Education, Australia.  Provided professional and administrative recruitment and support for Asian Development Bank project on technical and vocational education.  March-July 1989.


Pak-Swiss Agricultural Light Engineering Project, Mardan.  Review of project data and design of framework for planning, monitoring and evaluation.  February-April 1989.


USAID/Government of NWFP, Kala Dhaka Area Development Project (subcontracted by DAI). Provided 66 months long-term staff and 12 months short-term input for planning and design of area development, including agriculture, engineering and public health. January 1989-December 1991.


Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Islamabad. Reappraisal of the agricultural development component of the ADB-Swiss Development Cooperation Swabi SCARP project, NWFP.  January 1989.


Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad.  Reviewed and prepared strategy for the women's extension programme of the Fruit and Vegetable Development Board, NWFP.  January 1989.


National Conservation Strategy Secretariat, Islamabad. Provided Facilitator (Social Perspectives) for four provincial workshops on the National Conservation Strategy; prepared prescriptive paper on grassroots organization in villages and cities for implementation of the NCS.  December 1988-January 1989.


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), In-Country Orientation Programme.  EDC was responsible for newsletter, orientation, language, pre-departure briefings, and ongoing support for CIDA project personnel in Pakistan. December 1988-February 1990


International Wheat and Maize Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Mexico. Wrote/co-edited a volume on farming systems research in Pakistan, with separate sections on irrigated, barani and mountain agriculture.  November 1988.


International Development Support Services, Australia, for Asian Development Bank. Pakistan Country Study on Government/NGO Cooperation in Agriculture and Rural Development.  Reviewed government policies on NGOs, the performance of major NGOs, and possibilities and criteria for ADB funding of cooperative NGO-government projects.  October-December 1988.


The World Bank, Washington, D.C., Economic Advisory Staff. A Project on Pakistan Macroeconomic Policies, Crisis, and Growth in the Long Run. Prepared review papers on Pakistan’s labour markets during 1971-85, and on Pakistan's planning process and performance under the plans.  August-October 1988.


The World Bank, Washington, D.C., Population and Human Resources Department.  Employment, productivity and the potential for change among women in the urban informal sector in six cities in Pakistan.  July-September 1988.


USAID Pakistan, Irrigation Support Project for Asia and Near East. Participated in the evaluation of the Command Water Management Project.  August-September 1988.


The World Bank, Washington, D.C., Population and Human Resources Department, Best Practice Projects.  An assessment of women’s income-generating programmes of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Gilgit, Pakistan.  July-October 1988.


Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad, Project Identification Mission. Proposed administrative mechanisms, programme characteristics, programme functions and outline budget for a long-term training strategy for local government and rural development in Balochistan. February-March 1988.


International Council on Management of Population Programmes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Evaluated the Community Basic Services programme of UNICEF, Government of Pakistan and the Aga Khan Foundation.  Assessed programme design and implementation in relation to community participation strategies for social sector programmes.  1987-1988.