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Office of Evaluation (OE), IFAD, Rome.  Assisted OE in preparing a comprehensive self-evaluation for peer review of IFADís evaluation function by a panel of peers from the UN and the Multilateral Development Banks. March, September and October 2009.


Pakistan Country Programme Evaluation (CPE).  Designed and led the analysis of a 500-household impact assessment survey in NWFP and Punjab.  Contributed stand-alone evaluation paper on IFADís rural finance operations, 1990-2005, and provided resource person/reviewer, particularly on methodology and the key challenges of rural and agricultural development. May-September 2007.


Joint Evaluation of Agriculture and Rural Development in Africa, IFAD and the African Development Bank.  Working with the Evaluation Units of the two organizations, assisted the Team Leader in preparing the Inception Report for the evaluation. April-June 2007. 


Pakistan Country Programme Evaluation (CPE).  Prepared the approach paper for the CPE of 15 years of IFAD operations in Pakistan, based on IFADís new methodology for CPEs. December 2006-January 2007. 


Evaluation of the IFAD Regional Strategy for Asia-Pacific (EVEREST).  Provided Team Leader who directed this pioneering corporate-level independent evaluation, spelling out the process, methodology and resource requirements for an inception phase, desk review and field work for addressing the main aspects of IFADís mandate for rural poverty alleviation.  Responsible for overview of 17 countries and selected desk reviews (including one of IFADís self-evaluation on gender mainstreaming), the China and Pakistan country working papers, draft final report and other outputs. June 2005-May 2006. 


Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan.  An EDC consultant prepared an innovative enterprise development proposal for this NGO for funding by IFAD.  November 2004. 


Thematic Evaluation of IFADís Performance and Impact in Decentralizing Environments: Experiences from Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.   A seven-person EDC team from five countries prepared desk reviews of IFAD strategies and project designs, completed field visits and self-assessment missions in three countries; authored interim and final evaluation reports; and presented findings and recommendations to the Evaluation Committee of the Executive Board of IFAD and the concluding regional workshop in Kampala.  November 2003-March 2005.  The report prepared by EDC is available at: http://www.ifad.org/evaluation/public_html/eksyst/doc/thematic/decentralize/pf.pdf


Independent External Evaluation (IEE) of IFAD.  An EDC consultant drafted the Terms of Reference (TOR), budget and elaboration of the procurement process for the IEE mandated by the Executive Board, worked with the nine-country Steering Committee, evaluated technical and financial proposals, negotiated contract, and assisted the Director of Evaluation in supervising the evaluationís compliance with the approved TOR.  May 2003-January 2005. 


IFAD Evaluation Policy.  An EDC consultant worked with the Director of Evaluation to develop the policy for submission to the Executive Board in line with directives for establishing an evaluation unit that is independent of the management of IFAD.  Developed policy statements and implementation arrangements focusing on independence, accountability, partnership and learning, including policies and practices adapted from the evaluation offices of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.  Outlined high-level responsibilities for evaluation including the role of the Executive Board, the head of evaluation and IFAD management.  November 2002-March 2003.


Discussion Paper on the Independent Evaluation Function.  An EDC consultant prepared a discussion paper on a proposal for establishing an evaluation office that is independent of management and reports to the Board, for consideration at the Sixth IFAD Replenishment.  Conducted interviews with the evaluation offices of 11 UN agencies and IFIs, reviewed the OECD/DAC principles for evaluation and their progress, and examined the specific features of IFAD.  July-September 2002.


Review of the New Approach to Evaluation.  Reviewed the process and outputs of 16 project and country evaluations and studies initiated under IFADís New Approach to Evaluation.  Reviewed evaluation methodologies employed by the World Bank, OECD and others, and proposed changes in IFADís methodology for consideration by the Office of Evaluation. May 2001-March 2002 (three missions). 


Sri Lanka Country Programme Evaluation. Assisted the Evaluation Office in preparing approach, methodology and Terms of Reference for six-person evaluation of 20 years of IFAD-Sri Lanka co-operation through 10 projects in various sectors.  Provide Team Leader and two other evaluators, conducted extensive field work and report writing and identified main issues for final stakeholder workshop.  Interacted with senior IFAD and Government officers, including Ministers, to prepare for a more focused approached to poverty alleviation and decentralization in future IFAD strategy and projects. March-August 2001 (five missions).


Design of the Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation System, Management Information System, and Process Systematization.  As part of a formulation mission, an EDC consultant designed the Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation System, and Management Information System, for the Western Upland Development Programme, Nepal.  March-April 2001. 


Mid-term Evaluation of the Agriculture Resource Management Project in the Karak and Tefila Governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  An EDC consultant evaluated the womenís programmes, community participation aspects and socio-economic impacts of the multi-year project.  September-October 2000.


Rapid Appraisal/Socio-economic Study of Diamer District, Northern Areas, Pakistan.  The study included investigation and secondary data collection on agricultural, livestock, and fisheries development in the area and analyzed existing socio-economic conditions and future development opportunities in the district.  November 1995-February 1996.


Post Preparation Mission.  This included review of the implementation arrangements for the proposed Northern Areas Community Resource Development Project, July-August 1995.


Agricultural Extension, Marketing and Agricultural Enterprise Development in the Second Barani Area Development Project.  Assignment included management, identification and strengthening of marketing linkages for small and micro-enterprises, linkages with line departments and institutional credit agencies, administration of a training programme, overall enterprise development.  March 1995-March 1996.


Specific Identification Mission for NWFP.  Identified and elaborated project concepts for small farmer development in Mansehra District of NWFP, particularly for implementation through the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP).  October-November 1991.


General Identification Mission for Pakistan.  Identified possibilities of IFAD funding for the Sarhad Rural Support Programme, NWFP, and maize intensification for small farmers in NWFP.  November-December 1990.


International Institute for Environment and Development, London.  Assessment of environmental impact and mechanisms of IFAD-assisted Chitral Area Development Project in NWFP.  October 1989.