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Evaluation of the UNDP-assisted Area Development Programme Balochistan.  Evaluated this large multi-sectoral programme, covering community mobilization, primary healthcare, water conservation, NRM and livestock, with a view towards replication in future initiatives. January-February 2010.


UNDP Pakistan, Gender Support Programme Change Management Phase 2. Contributed through discussion and written outputs to the realignment and mainstreaming of gender in the Country Office. October-November 2009.


UNDP Bahrain. Assisted UNDP and the Government in developing a framework for promoting social enterprises, held accountable to a triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental). August-September 2009.


Mid-term Review (MTR) of UNDP-assisted Community Development Project for Rehabilitation of Salt-affected and Waterlogged Lands, Punjab.  Focused on the relevance and efficiency aspects of this promising but troubled project, helping UNDP and the Government of Punjab improve the design and management. June-September 2009.


Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (UNDP contract). Assisted the Secretary of the Ministry in conceptualizing and steering an international workshop on local government reform. Also responsible for workshop report, including recommendations accepted by the Prime Minister for reforming local government.  August-September 2008.  The report is available on www.gjtmap.org/workshop19aug2008/index.php.


UNDP Pakistan, Benchmarking Study of the Gender Justice through Musalihat Anjuman Project.  Proposed rationale and methodology for benchmarking the performance of new, local-level Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism from two districts in order to improve operations in 20 districts throughout the country.  2007-2008. 


United Nations Thematic Working Group on Agriculture, Rural Development and Poverty for the One UN approach in Pakistan (contracted by UNDP, FAO and ILO.  Assisted the Co-chairs (ILO and FAO) and the 18-agency group with situational analysis, analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and issues for adoption in joint programmes.  May-October 2007.


UNDP Pakistan.  Review and design of M&E system for the Area Development Programme Balochistan, spanning social mobilization, irrigation and NRM.  February-June 2008.


UNDP Pakistan, Essential Institutional Reforms Institutionalization Programme, NWFP:

  • Assisted project management and UNDP’s Governance Unit in developing nine operational concepts for implementation during 2007.  March 2007. 

  • Conducted an independent mid-term evaluation of the EIROP, NWFP.  Suggested course corrections for improving project performance during the remainder of this governance/devolution project.  November-December 2006. 

UNDP Pakistan, Mid-Term Evaluation of the Gender Support Programme (GSP). Provided Team Leader of a three-person team to assess seven ongoing and three new projects.  Assessed designs and progress and recommended course corrections.  May-June 2006.


UNDP Pakistan, Preparation of the Millennium Campaign.  Provided Team Leader for a three-person team to design a mass campaign for MDGs involving the electronic and print media, civil society, elected representatives and the private sector.  February-April 2006.


UNDP, New York.  An EDC consultant engaged by the Evaluation Office reviewed the legal status and operations of the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) and several professional evaluation bodies.   October 2005. 


UNDP Pakistan.  Provided Gender Mainstreaming Consultant to review gender-related policies and practices of UNDP and propose a comprehensive gender mainstreaming strategy for the Country Office and UNDP-assisted projects.  May-June 2005.


UNDP Pakistan.  Provided a consultant on Globalization and Agriculture who was responsible for developing a project proposal on “Positioning for the Future: Women in a Liberalized Agricultural Trade Regime” spanning policy, production and certification components.  February-April 2005.


UNDP, New York.  An EDC consultant provided substantive contributions for the formulation of a corporate Evaluation Policy for UNDP.  February-March 2005. 


UNDP Pakistan/Inter-Agency Support Unit.  Reviewed contributions of three inter-agency thematic groups and prepared the Pakistan MDG Report in collaboration with the Planning Commission of Pakistan, relevant ministries and UN Heads of Agency.  August-October 2003. 


UNDP Pakistan, Case Studies of Six Local Initiatives assisted by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Local Initiative Facility for Urban Environment (LIFE).  Two of the cases are pioneering urban initiatives, namely, the Lodhran Pilot Project for sanitation and the Islamabad project for up-gradation and rehabilitation of squatter settlements.  The other four reports are on pioneering green projects, namely, the internationally acclaimed Torghar project for the protection of the Suleiman markhor, a successful initiative for disseminating fuel efficient stoves in the Changa Manga forest area, an unsuccessful attempt at marketing eucalyptus trees commercially, and a community-based eco-tourism project revolving around the Indus dolphin in Taunsa.  September 2001-September 2002. 


UNDP Nepal (sub-contracted by UNOPS).  Formulated concept and operational strategies for establishing the Nepal Poverty Alleviation Fund.  Obtained agreement of stakeholders—UNDP, Government and NGOs—for establishing the Fund.  January-April 1999. 


UNDP Myanmar, Human Development Initiative: Change Management Initiative (nine missions). Contributed a four-person team in pursuit of a plan agreed with the client to transform UNDP Myanmar from an administering office into a coordinating unit for multi-agency planning and implementation, with specific reference to ten ongoing projects being executed by FAO, UNCHS, WHO, UNESCO, UNOPS and three NGOs. Conducted operations analysis down to the field level in diverse agro-ecological zones, revision of operational policies and procedures for community participation and inter-agency co-ordination, revision of job descriptions, and training of project staff and beneficiaries.  The main output was an operational manual consistent with the ISO 10013 international guidelines for quality manuals.  October 1998-February 2000. 


UNDP-World Bank, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme. Commissioned to undertake a review of the water sector for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.  November 1999.


UNDP Regional Governance Facility for Asia-Pacific (RAS/96/092) and UNDP Myanmar.  Advised senior management and National Officers on assessing the Human Development Initiative in Myanmar, with particular reference to the policies, procedures, structures and training required to increase community participation and the co-ordination of 10 projects being implemented by UN Executing Agencies under one programme framework.  Designed and conducted two-week training programme in Pakistan for seven National Officers of UNDP Country Office.  May-July 1998.


UNDP, Situational Analysis of Women’s Credit Needs in Rawalpindi and Karachi. A study that included an analysis of situation of women with respect to access to credit in Pakistan and outlined recommendations for improved access and impact of credit and enterprise development programmes for women.  September-November 1997.


UNDP, Trial District Management Project. Developed policy recommendations for effective governance mechanisms for pilot districts in Balochistan.  The project developed mechanisms for the Government of Balochistan to test new partnerships between public interest stakeholders at the district level.  February-August 1997.


UNDP, NGO Capacity Building Programme. A pre-proposal project designing exercise to elicit opinions of major stakeholders in the NGO sector to propose and design a major national effort for NGO capacity building in Pakistan implemented for five years.  February 1997.


UNDP Pakistan.  Study of successful experiences of Government/Donor/NGO Collaboration for discussion with the Local Dialogue Group for recommendations to the Paris Consortium.  November 1996.


UNDP, New York, Macro Strategies for Alleviation of Poverty. EDC prepared a paper identifying the causes of poverty in Pakistan and recommended social, economic and political strategies for poverty alleviation.  Included country review of the impact of economic change and national policies on poverty alleviation and the poor, leading to possible UNDP-Pakistan co-operation through a South Asia regional poverty alleviation programme. January-July 1995.


Government of Pakistan, Planning Division/National Steering Committee for the World Summit for Social Development (Contracted by UNDP). EDC worked closely with the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, and Special Assistant to Prime Minister (Social Sectors), to draft the Pakistan Country Paper for the Social Summit covering various aspects of Pakistan’s economy and society with an express purpose of identifying themes promoting integration.  Also participated in the Third Prepcom.  November 1994-January 1995.


UNDP, Balanced Development Mission II. The project consisted of a series of papers prepared for UNDP in October 1994 to update the UNDP Balanced Development Report of 1991.  Specific papers for the Balanced Development Mission II were written by EDC on the following areas: economy, environment, health and population, water and sanitation, education and equity and institutions.  The UNDP Balanced Development Mission reviewed the sectoral briefing papers over which sectors specific workshops were held in October.  August-November 1994.