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Academy for Educational Development (AED), USAID FATA Livelihood Development Program (North).  Fielded teams to undertake the outcome assessment of the program (2009), and impact assessment studies and mid-term evaluations (2010), including adult literacy, training and scholarship programs. May 2009-June 2010.


Academy for Educational Development (AED), USAID FATA Livelihood Development Program (North), Peshawar. Expert assistance to the M&E team and management on monitoring, outcome assessment and self-evaluation. Intermittent, September 2008-July 2010


Development Alternatives, Inc., USAID FATA Capacity Building Program, Peshawar.  Assisted the M&E team and the management in a variety of activities aimed at data capture, analysis and presentation of USAID-assisted projects, as well as capacity development for strengthening planning and monitoring by the government. Intermittent, June 2008-May 2010.


Management Systems International.  USAID Program Design. Analysis of trends in the labor market, initiatives for skills development and design of the workforce development initiative of the economic growth portfolio of USAID Pakistan.  February-March 2008.


LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) Pakistan.  Prepared a comprehensive report for this NGO implementing a primary education project with USAID assistance in the Khairpur and Sukkur Districts of Sindh, focusing on community-public sector partnership, and identified likely impacts and sustainability.  July-September 2006.


USAID Mission in Pakistan.  EDC was one of seven firms selected by the mission to provide M&E services to USAID Pakistan in the areas of health, education, economic growth, and democratic governance.  2004-2006.


USAID Mission in Pakistan, Strategic Analysis Support Services.   EDC provided program-development and logistics support to enable USAID to develop strategy options in the Economic Growth and Democracy and Governance sectors.  November-December 2002.


USAID Irrigation Support Project for Asia and the Near-East (ISPAN). Studied the performance and the sustainability of water users associations in Asia and the Near East in association with DAI.  February-April 1994.


USAID, Islamabad, Institutional Excellence Project (IEP).  Supported the partners and expansion of the IEP concept as well as publication and organizing events which raised public, private and donor awareness of the benefits of a fee-for-service research linkages between universities and industry.  October 1993-February 1994.


USAID/Government of NWFP, Technical Assistance for Kala Dhaka Area Development Project (KDADP) and Gadoon Field Management team (GFMT).  EDC provided technical and administrative staff/skills for the extended period of Kala Dhaka and Gadoon Area Development Projects to promote greater community participation and assist USAID management in running these projects.  May-August 1993.


USAID/Futures Group, Pakistan WID Study. Studied the impact of USAID WID components on beneficiaries to determine the reasons behind their successes and failures.  Examined primary education, training, forestry and agriculture projects.  April-August 1993.


USAID, Irrigation Support Project for Asia and the Near-East. Pakistan country study of the environmental sustainability of urban-rural water resource development and management (Faisalabad District as a case study).  April-May 1993.


USAID, Evaluation Study of the Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP).  Carried out this study to assess: (i) the effectiveness of SRSC’s community participation approach; and, (ii) the effectiveness of steps taken to institutionalize SRSC.  October-November 1992.


USAID/Shelter Resource Mobilization Program (SRMP), Marketing Study of Housing Finance Loan Products. Carried out market research (including a 300-household survey) to test housing loan products that could be introduced through the emerging housing finance companies (Citibank and others) in Pakistan.  September-December 1992.


USAID, Command Water Management Project.  Study to collect, tabulate, analyze and document data gathered as a result of introduction of improved irrigation management and agronomic practices.  September 1992-January 1993.


USAID/Pakistan buy-in, Agricultural Policy Analysis Project II (subcontracted by Abt Associates). Study (including survey in four districts of Sindh and five of Punjab) on the effect of exogenous changes on land and labor markets and the implications for policy formulation.  June-August 1992.


USAID/Pakistan buy-in, Agricultural Policy Analysis Project II (subcontracted by Abt Associates).  Study on financial and other policy constraints to agribusiness development in Pakistan.  April-August 1992.


USAID, Primary Education Development Program. EDC provided expertise to work on the World Bank Social Action Program (SAP) to prepare three-year integrated expenditure programs for NWFP.  January-February 1992. 


USAID/Pakistan Agricultural Research Council/Abt Associates, Agricultural Policy Analysis and Teaching Workshop.  Provided three specialists in agriculture policy analysis and one for training in spreadsheet analysis.  Organized and co-ordinated workshop activities.  December 1991-January 1992.


USAID/Pakistan buy-in, Agricultural Policy Analysis IQC (subcontracted by Abt Associates). In collaboration with the Harvard Institute for International Development, completed policy studies on edible oils and livestock feed, and background studies on rural land and labor markets, and the sources of agricultural productivity.  1990-1992.


USAID, Representative for Afghanistan, Agricultural Sector Support Project for Afghanistan (subcontracted by DAI).  Provided short-term input for private sector trade and agribusiness development.  1990-1991.


USAID Pakistan, Informal Sector Study.  A study of the causes and evolution of the informal economy in seven sectors (industry, finance, housing, transportation, trade, health and education) in eight cities, examining hypotheses from de Soto’s The Other Path.  Specific responsibility for recommendations leading to policy reform benchmarks for USAID and Government of Pakistan.  May-August 1990.


USAID/Government of NWFP, Planning and Development Department.  Provided complete design, work program and budget leading to the establishment of a new NGO, the Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) in NWFP.  March-June 1989.


USAID/Government of NWFP, Kala Dhaka Area Development Project (subcontracted by DAI). Provided 66 months long-term staff and 12 months short-term input for planning and design of area development, including agriculture, engineering and public health. January 1989-December 1991.


USAID Pakistan, Irrigation Support Project for Asia and Near East. Participated in the evaluation of the Command Water Management Project.  August-September 1988.